Bangkok Boulevard - Hamden, CT

A few months ago I and Hamden residents who passed Whitney Avenue may have noticed that Bubba's BBQ closed (formerly Griff's Chicken Shack). 

When I saw signs that a new Thai restaurant was opening I was so excited because I love Thai food and since Dusitra in North Haven closed I haven't been able to find one that I enjoy in the area. 

Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce and Cucumber Sauce for Appetizers

As soon as it opened we went in for dinner. When I walked in I was amazed with its transformation. If you hadn't been to Griff's Chicken shack or Bubba's BBQ then you can't appreciate the transformation that the owners of Bangkok Boulevard have made in there.

Previously, the place had green painted walls, TVs blaring, and there was something about it that made me uninvited. Bangkok Blvd completely changed that; it feels completely inviting.

They painted the walls, added booths, new chairs, tables, new lighting. It looks wonderfully different and fresh from the previous two establishments. I completely forgot what had existed there before.

I did notice that their music choice of pop was up a little loud and I was hoping to hear Thai music. I noticed someone else wrote that in a review recently, and since that review was posted they now have Thai music playing. I love that they listened to that customer and are receptive to their customer's opinions. The staff are all so kind, attentive, and helpful.

Now, let's talk about their food, which is absolutely delicious, I must say.  I have returned numerous times for their lunch boxes, their dinners, and always try something new and I have not been disappointed once.

Bangkok Dumplings

We always start with some iced or hot green tea (be warned it's very hot) and some appetizers. We have tried the Chicken Satay and Bangkok dumplings and both have been excellent. The Chicken Satay is consistently good each time we go. It is juicy and not over cooked and you must put the peanut sauce on it. You will thank me later.

Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Each of the chicken dishes, and I have had several, come with a nicely blended sauce that is not too overwhelming and not at all salty, which is great because many Asian restaurants will over use salt.
Bangkok Boulevard's sauces are just right.

Duck Noodle Soup

I never had duck soup before and I was intrigued one afternoon for lunch when I couldn't decide what to get. There are so many choices, so I just randomly picked the first thing I saw. I wasn't disappointed. If you like duck, you definitely need to have this soup, but I recommend it on a nice cold day in the fall and winter.

Beef with Macadamia in a crispy house made tortilla shell.

One of our dinner guests enjoyed this Beef with Macadamia. He describes it as a "Thai enchilada without the guilt." Whatever that may mean, but he thoroughly enjoyed it and enjoyed breaking the crispy shell and dipping it into all our sauces.

Lunch Box with Chicken and Peanut Sauce

As shown above, their lunch boxes are reasonably price and you get a lot of food. You will receive a salad with peanut sauce, 2 spring rolls, rice, and your entree of choice. I ordered chicken with peanut sauce for this lunch special and I loved it.

Bangkok Fried Rice

I love fried rice, so I naturally ordered it and this one comes with currents, baby corn, peas, and eggs. It was one of the best fried rices I had in a while.

I am so happy this place is in Hamden. I highly recommend trying Bangkok Boulevard, it has a great atmosphere, wonderful and attentive service, and the food is delicious and fresh. 

One quick note is that Mikro is their neighbor, so as you might imagine, parking in the front is not an option unless its lunch time. But there is plenty of parking in the back.
Bangkok Boulevard is located at 3000 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT. You can call them at (203)288-9998 and visit their website for their full menu:

Also, if you check-in using the Yelp app you will receive 10% off your meal, just show them when you are finished with your meal.


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